29th Stuttgart Art Exhibition

Taken over from Iris Frey:

The association for the promotion of Art Stuttgart has last Weekend the 29th Stuttgart Art exhibition opened.

The Vernissage and award ceremony found by the 1st mayor the city of Stuttgart, Michael Föll in front of about 600 visitors.

„So many like never before „, rejoices Helga Müller, chairman of the association to promote the arts.

„160 works to such a beautiful to put together an exhibition an art of its own and very successful „, Föll praised.

He thanked the volunteer Activity of the Chairperson Helga Müller and her Team and the gallery owner who the Diversity of works so put together, that upgraded the work were based on themes and colors.

Gallery owner Thomas Niecke had for the very successful curating taken care of the exhibition.

„Weeks of preparation were needed. Without the sponsors would be the orientation and award ceremony the award-winning works the exhibition was not possible „, explains Müller.

80 exhibitors throughout Germany, this year with Participants from Switzerland and Austria, their works one introduce the general public could.

23 prizes were awarded by one awarded a neutral jury. Criteria were, creativity, spontaneity, Duktus, execution, color feeling, personal honesty.

Everyone Participant was able to do two works exhibit without rejection of Club and so had the opportunity his works and yourself to a broad public to introduce. And to face yourself the rating of a neutral jury of experts.

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